Thursday, December 16, 2010

Almost Spot On!!

Okay bloggers, The final local snowfall numbers are in!! And I would say we called this one pretty close! Take a look at these reports from around the area below.
You can see the highest snowfall report coming in from Frankfort, with 2.7" Inches. This is just about as close as you can get! Exact snowfall models was showing me a possible 2.8" Inches of snowfall last night and Frankfort, picked up 2.7" Inches!! Almost spot on! That's why I put the whole WLFI viewing area in the 2" to 4" Inch range. You can see all the rest of the snowfall reports coming in around that 2" inch range as well!

Areas to our north, North of the viewing area will see less snow expected. I managed to get a picture from Downtown Fort Wayne. Take a look.
You can see they have much lower amounts. only around 1.5" Inches of snow currently on the ground. They are expected to pick up anywhere between a Trace to an Inch possible this afternoon. Roads are looking good in that area as well.

Now really most roads are looking pretty good at this time in the WLFI viewing area. However you still need to take it slow! Roads like Back or side roads are still snow covered. Along with neighborhood roads and parking lots. "Always Slick".
Above is an image taken in Lafayette, on some of the neighborhood roads. This is what they look like and pretty much what the side roads look like as well. So "Ice and snow take it slow".

That's it for now bloggers! Stay warm, Safe, And God Bless!

I'll check back again soon.

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