Sunday, December 26, 2010


WOW, What a Merry Christmas it was! I had a great time with my family! The snow was just the icing on the wintry cake! ;) It was around 32* degrees as we headed into the evening hours of Christmas eve so you can bet that I was out tossing snowball's around with my buddy Dobby! LOL. He is very much like myself. Loves the snow! And nothing was going to keep him from getting outside in the white stuff to play with his much loved Tennis ball! :)We were like to little kids having a great time! Though this storm gave us a hard time in the begging forecast - wise! It turned out to be a winter wonderland!
Once Christmas day rolled around my grandma got me a new video camera that also takes still pictures. She out did herself! And I thanked her a huge amount! She didn't have to get me such a gift. So I went out to snap some pictures of the Christmas lights before it was all over. Just take a look at the icicles in front of the lights! Just amazing!So how much snow did we see around the WLFI viewing area? Well here's how things looked in the Lafayette, area on Christmas eve.
Now lets take a look at all the final snowfall numbers!

Final Christmas Snowfall Totals...

Lafayette, 5.0" Inches.

West - Lafayette, 4.9" Inches.

Frankfort, 3.8" Inches.

Attica, 3.5" Inches.

Kentland, 3.0" Inches.

Remington, 1.5" Inches.

It turns out that we called this storm rather well this time around! :) I called for a wide area of 2" to 4" inches with isolated 3" to 5" inches here in much of the WLFI viewing area! Take a look at the amounts above. Lafayette, coming in with 5" inches. West - Lafayette only a tenth inch under that with 4.9" inches. Then around Frankfort, and Attica, they reported around 3" to 4" Inches of snowfall. As for the Newton, and Jasper, county areas I forecasted 1" to 3" with isolated 2" to 4" inches. And you can see Remington, coming in with 1.5" Inches! I think that's pretty good ;) Grand total Lafayette, had 8" Inches of snow on the ground counting both the old snow pack and the new snowfall. AMAZING! :)

So what's in store for the new year? Well, first lets look at your quick cast below for the next two days.

Quick Cast.....

Monday we will look for mostly cloudy skies to start things with a few light scattered snow flurries not out of the question. Little if any accumulation. We will become partly cloudy as the day continues. Highs will be around 23* degrees with lows that night around 13* degrees. Winds will be between 5 and 10 mph.

Tuesday we will look for partly cloudy skies through out the day. Highs will be around 29* degrees with lows that night around 15* degrees. Winds will be between 10 and 15 mph.

Now lets talk about what's in our extended forecast as we head closer to the new year! Take a look at this! Warm weather lovers I have a late Christmas present for you.((Image Is Looking At Wednesday 7:am EST))

You see that warm air area currently showing to our west? Well, that's about to move into the Midwest and give us very mild highs for this time of year in the middle to upper 40s near 50* degrees by this weekend! WOW. We go from 8" inches of current snow pack to possible 50* degrees! That's Indiana weather for you I guess. This mild weather won't last to long as cooler temperatures will work back into the forecast by the start of next week. However not before we see some HEAVY rainfall in the forecast for our New years eve into New Years day. Current models are showing possible 1.00" inch to 2.00" inches of rainfall! This is something we will have to watch closely! As for all your snowy questions for new years, Well, after going through the latest data it's looking like we will be way to warm and the heavy heavy snowfall will be well to our north and west! Rain is the story this New Years.
And as always I will continue to watch this forecast and give you all the very latest as I can! Until then I wish you all a very Happy New Year!
God Bless!


Anonymous said...

Justin, so glad to hear you had a great Christmas. Sounds like you have been blessed with a great family! And what an awesome gift from your grandma. I'm sure she was really happy to give it to you.(speaking as a "Granny" myself) You have such a good heart. Thanks for the update. :-) JLB

Anonymous said...

That forecast for next weekend is very scary to us who had similar conditions in Jan 2008. We had six inches snow melt really quickly and then training t-storms bringing another 6 inches rain. NEVER want to see that again.

What a great gift your grandma got you!! That is a really good pic of you and Dobby, too!!


JIWB said...

Thanks to both of you Mary Anne, and JLB! I hope you both had a great christmas as well!

And yes, Mary Anne, I totally understand what your talking about with all the snow melt and heavy rains! That is why we will have to really watch the forecast closely this week! Hoping things will work out and we won't see as much rain as models are currently showing me! I'll be sure to keep everyone posted as this system continues to develop.

Take Care! Happy New Year, and God Bless!