Saturday, December 11, 2010

Last Minute Changes On The Annihilator!

Check this storm out below!!! WOW.You can see it is looking huge! And it is effecting people everywhere! Blizzard warnings all over the place and DANGEROUS WIND CHILLS ALL OVER!!! This is an amazing yet Crazy storm! This is what we love to track. And boy is it a challenge! You can see in the image above that dry slot I was talking about in my last post. This has developed very nicely and you don't have to be a Meteorologist to tell that this will cause snowfall to come to a stop over night! However all that you see on the back side will continue to develop and give us the rest of the forecasted snow come Sunday.

Now I have been going through data off and on all day. The latest data has come in and most things look on track which is a good sign! However some minor things have changed ever so slightly! I'm going to do something that will either be good! Or make me look like a total fool! I'm going to raise the snowfall range slightly! And I believe I'm the only one calling for this higher range right now. Take a look.I have a number of reasons for doing this. Right now the models are doing an okay job forecasting this storm however I don't feel that they are doing a great job on the forecasted amounts! That's why I'm taking it into my own hands to raise them slightly. The only place that I feel the models are doing a good job forecasting is around Kokomo, IN. The MOS models are already calling for 3" to 5" Inches. However they are also showing a WIDE AREA of 2" to 4" Inches south of there. So this is the new map I have come up with above. You can see I have just about all of the WLFI viewing area in the 3" to 5" Inch range! And north of Remington, in the 5" to 7" range. Up around Gary IN, could see higher amounts yet!

Still the biggest threat is going to be Both the Blowing Snow! And the Wind Chills! Still forecasting wind chills of -20* to -22* below zero come Sunday night into Monday! Winds Tonight blowing around 25 Mph near 30 mph at times possible. And winds blowing tomorrow between 25 and 30 mph with gusts around 35 + mph not out of the question!

So please everyone take your time if out, Or if you can stay home then please do! With this snow and winds this high visibility will be low!!

Ice, Wind, And Snow, Take It Slow!! Also we do have a Winter Weather Advisory In Effect For The Whole WLFI viewing area from 1:pm Sunday To Midnight EST Sunday Night.

And a Winter Storm Warning In Effect For Benton, Newton, And Jasper, Counties From 3:am CST Sunday To Midnight EST Sunday Night.

I'll check back if needed.

God Bless!


Brow said...

Thanks for the update Justin! Can't wait to see this one. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I'm wishing for that 6+ storm tomorrow.