Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!!!

The snow is falling over the WLFI viewing area and Memo, my Parakeet and I was standing by the window watching like two little kids on Christmas morning lol :) At least I'm not the only one who goes crazy over the snow :)

And what a way to kick off the month of December am I right?? WOW Kicking things off with snow reports all across Indiana. Granted it's not big number coming in however some areas are pushing near 0.3" and 0.4" inches, Lafayette being one of them! Take a look at the snowfall reports from earlier this morning below. You can see most areas coming in between that Trace and 0.2" Inches mark. However at this time Lafayette, is getting closer to that 0.3" Inches and 0.4" Inches mark. And we still have more snow flurries / Snow showers on the way through out much of today. So I believe that most areas could see final snowfall totals between 0.2" and 0.4" Inches when all is said and done.Take a look at some of these snow pictures from the Lafayette, area. I don't forecast Cat Tracks! I forecast Puppy Tracks in my house lol. Or better yet these tracks below are from my boy Dobby, AKA Dobby Track! ;)You can see in this radar image below the snow that is expected to move through out the WLFI viewing area as the day continues. This image was taken at 10:21pm EST.Snow coming from our northwest moving south south east. So the scattered snow flurries continue! lol. But this also means we need to be extra careful when out on the roads this afternoon! I know main roads are not to bad at this time however some back roads are still slick. And these roads will freeze up again tonight. You can see below they look pretty good right now.
And with current temperatures right around 25* degrees things could still be a little icy in areas. I have been picking up wind chills all morning of 14* degrees so be sure to dress warm when heading out! Here's a link below that you all can check out for some more winter driving safety tips!

Image above taken this morning in Lafayette, Indiana. I'm LOVING this snow! Could this be natures way of telling us whats to come for the month of December??

That's something to think about until the next blog post! Stay safe bloggers. And as always! God Bless.....


Brow said...

Yeah we got much more that I thought we would...but its only a teaser. :)

JIWB said...

Well, lets see what in store for this weekend!