Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snow, Snow, And MORE SNOW!!!!! YES! :)

Snow, Snow, And More Snow!!!!! That's what it has been all month and I have to say I HAVE BEEN LOVING IT!!!!! :) We had a nice snow event last night that's for sure. Take a look at these final snowfall numbers from around the area below.
Kentland, 4.0" Inches.

Frankfort, 3.9" Inches.

Attica, 3.5" Inches

Remington, 3.0" Inches

Lafayette, 2.1" Inches.

Logansport, 2.0" Inches.

You can see the highest amount coming in from Kentland, with 4" Inches and Frankfort, not far behind with 3.9" Inches! Amazing! We seen two more inches then what was expected because of a HEAVY SNOW BAND that move into the area last night. Take a look at this!This is a look at my Local Doppler Radar at 6:44pm EST Last Night. For you to see all this snow on this radar it has to be heavy! And this image above is nothing but SNOW! The darker the blues and then greens the heavier the snow! This gave way to dime and quarter sized snowflakes last night! This went on for a little while before slowing down and changing over to a light freezing rain by early morning Tuesday. We didn't have to worry to much about blowing and drifting snow do to the fact that this fell as a HEAVY wet packing snow! Great for snowmen! However you had to be careful shoveling that's for sure.

So do we have more snow on the way?? ((YOU BET!!!!!)) :)

Take a look at the current Christmas Eve snow outlook below.You can see that at this time I feel that a 3" to 5" inch range for much of the WLFI viewing area is a good starting point. As always I will fine tune this forecast as we get closer with a Snow - Cast map. This is a system coming from our southwest which means we need to watch it closely! When things line up just right we usually see our biggest snows from these kinds of systems. Right now some models are showing signs of the heaviest snow tracking just to our south however one thing to remember and watch when forecasting these kinds of systems is that the system usually moves 200 to 300 miles more north and west then what the models show! This is why I'm going to start out with a 3" to 5" inch range and take my time on this one! we can always add or take a little as things continue to become more clear!

Now let's take a look at what's in store weather - wise tomorrow (Wednesday) below.

Quick Cast.....

Wednesday we will look for partly to mostly cloudy skies however some scattered snow flurries / light scattered snow showers cannot be ruled out! Models expecting around 0.03" to 0.04" Inches of snow. (Less then a half inch possible) In most areas. Highs will be around 33* degrees with lows that night around 19* degrees. Winds between 5 and 15 mph.

So be sure to keep checking back often bloggers to stay updated on the snow event for Christmas Eve! I will check back again soon.

God Bless, And Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Hey Justin, I have a question about the Christmas Eve snow storm and was wondering if you could possible answer it. I want to know if we could be expecting more snow then the 3-5 range you are predicting and if so what will determine a chance for more snow. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

ugh, Sorry for the typo. I meant to say "possibly" instead of possible. :p

Anonymous said...

Well young man, seems you've had Christmas for most of December now with all this snow! LOL. I have even been enjoying the white stuff. Hope it doesn't get too bad too early on Christmas Eve. We are wanting to go to the Christmas Eve service and have to travel about 30 miles. Take care and bless you for all your hard work. JLB

JIWB said...

Right now I feel that the 3" to 5" range is really the BEST starting point! Models have been up and down with amounts the past few days. Some models calling for 5.5" Inches while other showed a possible 7.5" inches! earlier this evening models were starting to average around the 3" to 5" range which is why I feel it is a good starting point for now. These models are changing like crazy! I really want to wait til we get closer and things become more clear before I make a snow - cast and give final snowfall outlooks...

We will have to continue to watch the track of the low pressure and watch the QPF models as well. Amounts could go up or down depending on if the low pressure tracks a little more north or a little more south! Keep in mind that these systems usually however not always, move 200 to 300 miles more north and west then what models show! So all we can do now is stick with this range and continue to track this system as new data comes in. Like I said in my post, "We can always add a little or take a little as we fine tune the forecast".

We should have a fair idea as to what this system will do by Wednesday night and an even better idea Thursday night! ((We just need to be patient with amounts.))

Anything could change!