Thursday, December 23, 2010

Staying With My Last Update!

Alright bloggers, Here's the latest! Right now after looking through more data I can't find anything that will make me change the forecast from my last post! I still believe the last snow - cast stands! A wide area of 2" to 4" inches for the WLFI viewing area with isolated 3" to 5" inches possible.

The only thing that will be tricky will be the timing. Some models are showing this starting after 12:00pm EST while other say later on that evening. I believe sometime after 1:pm or 2:pm EST is our best bet. So again I'm sticking with my last update at this time.....

I will as always, continue to watch this system and I will check back with you all again in the morning. Be sure to check back for any changes to the forecast here on JIWB in the morning before the system arrives!


I'll see you then!


Anonymous said...

What do you think for up my way? Seems most will be just south of me??


JIWB said...

Hey Mary Anne!

1" to 3" with Isolated 2" to 4" Inches seems to fit your area best at this time.

I will have one last look at this system posted tomorrow morning! That way we can make any final changes if needed. Be sure to check back.

Wish you a Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Justin, what a crazy system to track! We are now under a Winter Weather Advisory.

Teri in Laf