Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Keeping A Close Eye!

At this time Lafayette, has picked up 1.0" Inch. I have looked at a few models and right now they are showing another possible 2.0" inches still to be picked up in the area! Which would make our grand total just over 3" inches. 3.6" inches is the exact snowfall number according to the weather models! So a 2" to 4" range will now fit the area best, it is just a little less then expected! We have had a lot of dry air with this storm. Which didn't allow as much heavy snow to move into the WLFI viewing area as expected. So right now do to all this dry air, I believe that the 3.6" inches is more likely! Rather then 5" inches at this time. Still the 3" to 5" inch range stands for areas just to the east of the WLFI viewing area as forecast! However we will most likely see closer to that 3" inch mark as of now.

We will continue to watch this closely. Feel free to post your snowfall totals from around the area!

I'll continue to check back.

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