Thursday, January 20, 2011

No Big Changes.

Well, I have gone through more data and I have been glued to the radars all evening! And at this time not a lot has changed from my last update. I have tweaked the snowfall map a bit but nothing major. You may not even be able to tell lol. Take a look.You can see I still have most of the WLFI viewing area in the 2" to 4" inch range. However northern counties in the viewing area may see a little less in that 1" to 2" inch range, With southern counties in the viewing area expecting 2" to 4" or 3" to 5" inches. And that's closer to the southern areas of Fountain, Montgomery and Boon, counties. Areas south of there around Indy I'm expecting to pick up around 3" to 5" with areas south of Indianapolis looking for that 5" to 6" inch range maybe 6 and a half!

Now most models like I said in my last update have been agreeing on the bottom line amount being around 2" inches. However with that being said I went ahead with the 2" to 4" inch range to give us some room to play with. Just in case this system gets a heavy band or two. This seems to be the best fit snow cast range! And I currently feel pretty good with the map above! I think we look pretty good for at least the 2" inches!

Take a look at the radar below.
Image Taken At 12:08am EST.....

You can't miss that big blob of blue! lol. The snow is moving east with some light snow being picked up around Terre Haute, and just south. Nothing heavy at this time, However it's a start. I still like the timing from my last post as well. Snow around 4:am EST or 5:am EST this morning. So this means we could have around a half inch to an inch by the time most would be heading out on the roads. So please allow extra time, You don't wanna end up like this guy in the video below! ;) lol.

Take your time while on the roads. Slick, Cold, And Snowy, is the JIWB morning forecast! ;)

So stay safe bloggers! I'll check back as needed. And thank you all for reading JIWB, and for all the kind words! Take Care and God Bless!

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Anonymous said...


Thanks for explaining my earlier questions. Looks like you are "spot on" with your snow cast. I appreciate the time and effort that you put in. Maybe we will have a two hour delay because of the cold temps on Friday morning!
Have a Good Day!