Monday, January 10, 2011

Picking Up A Few Light Snow Showers!

I still like my 3" to 5" inch range with isolated 6" inches as seen in the Snow - Cast map in my last post! Nothing has changed at this time in that area of the forecast! The only thing is I'm starting to pick up a few light snow showers in areas of Fowler, and Kentland. Nothing to heavy at this time.You can see in the radar image above. This image I took at 10:54pm EST. So I'm going to move the timing up just a bit. Some light scattered snow showers in the western parts of the viewing area before 2:am with more wide steady snow coverage after 2:am or 3:am EST. This is currently my only change in the forecast. Overall everything in the last update still holds! So you can scroll down and check on that if you like.

Until then a thanks to Brow, who is keeping us in the mood with a good SNOW DAY song! :0) Check it out!

I'll continue to watch this closely and check back with updates as needed!

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