Thursday, January 6, 2011

Slick Roads! Even If They Don't Look It.

The heavier band of snow is pushing off to our east at this time. Snow was coming down pretty moderate there for a little while. Making for some back roads to become snow covered. Nothing major. Just a dusting to make things slick. While other main roads became wet and slick with some light slush. Take a look at this image below.This is looking south on 18th street around 45 minutes ago. You can see some light dusting on some roads making things slick! Just take your time while driving. Even if the roads don't look bad, They can be!

Expect some scattered off and on snow flurries / snow showers through out the day!

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Brow said...

It was coming down pretty good in Monticello. I bet we have 1/2 inch already. Seems to be tapering off now though.