Friday, January 14, 2011

So Much Snow Across The Counrty This Past Week! This Will Be A Winter We Will All Remember!!

Well, bloggers I have been saying this all week, "This has been an amazing winter". And it sure has! So much snow has come down in not only the Midwest but also up around NY, NE, and so on. Even snow to the south as you all know! With a big snow and ice event in areas of Atlanta! I have some video to show you, just to give you an idea as to how much snow has been seen across the country!

Connecticut seen two plus feet of snow when all was said and done! Take a look at this video from Connecticut below. It is just amazing how much snow has been picked up across the country this winter season! WOW!

Now take a look at what happens when 4 + Inches of snow fell in Atlanta. For us in the Midwest 4" Inches isn't really anything However Atlanta, is a different story as they really don't have the tools to remove the snow and ice! Take a look at what happened over the past week.

Just a lot of slipping and sliding across the road ways. It was almost a better idea to put on ice skates to get around town then to use cars! Yes, it was that slick! And I have one last video before I show you the final highlights from many different areas. This is a video from the New york city area in Queens. Just an amazing snow event!

It turns out that the area this video was filmed picked up 8.9" Inches of snow exactly! WOW! As we all know New York, did have some problems removing the snow over the Christmas snow storm, However this time they got an A+ on snow removal! As you could see in the video above there were many snow plows out trying to keep the roads clear!

To give you an even better idea on how much snow has been seen this year I wanted to show you how far above average some areas to the northeast are at this time! With more winter snowfall to come. Take a look.

Burlington, Is currently 10.8" Inches above average!

New York, Is currently 25.2" Inches above average!

Boston, Is currently 27.3" Inches above average!

Now this next number is just AMAZING! You won't believe it however I'm telling you this is the real snowfall number! I couldn't make this up!

Syracuse, Is currently 44.7" Inches above average! They have had a year total up to this point of 95.9" Inches! WOW.

Now maybe everyone will be happy with what snow we have had total this year! I'm a huge snow lover and you know I would love that 95.9" Inches of snow! However those of you who are not like me should now be thankful that Lafayette, has only seen 17.5" Inches of snow up to this point. We average around 26.2" Inches a year, And we still have more winter to come to try and reach that number! :)


So after all this talk of winter weather are you all ready to see whats in store for us over the next few days? Maybe another look into that Monday - Tuesday system? Well, lets get to it!

First off lets start with your quick cast.

Quick Cast.....

Saturday we will look for mostly cloudy skies with yet another chance at some scattered snow flurries / snow showers across the WLFI viewing area. Right now I'm not expecting much in the way of snow accumulation. Most of us in the WLFI viewing area will see around that inch or (less) mark. However I cannot rule out a few isolated areas picking up closer to that inch mark! Expect highs around 29* degrees with lows that night around 9* degrees! Winds between 10 and 15 mph with a few gusts to 20 near 25 mph.

Sunday we will look for partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies across the viewing area. Clouds will be on the increase as the day continues, Even more into the evening hours. I'm looking for highs around 20* degrees with lows Sunday night around 14* degrees. Winds will be between 3 and 5 mph.


Now how about that system we have all been talking about for Monday into Tuesday? There is a lot to watch with this system. Such as Snow, Mixed Precipitation, Freezing Rain, And Rain! Wow. Let's take a closer look at this system below.

Above is a radar image taken earlier this evening. You can see the two main areas we will be watching as this system develops over the next few days. Off to our west inside that yellow area we will be watching the system develop. While the second yellow area to our southwest is where all the golf moisture is setting up! You can already see the moisture building in the golf on the radar image above. This is what will help feed our system to start next week! This system will move in from the west and join together with the golf moisture to make for a tricky system to track! However we will do our best! ;)

Now how about we take a look at the current break down on this developing storm. Please note that this is still around three days out and many things can still change in that short time!

Above is a map showing the current outlook for Monday into Tuesday. Right now I'm seeing this system coming in later on Monday through out Tuesday. This system is currently looking like it will start out as all snow! However the MOS models are still showing a small time frame where we could see some light freezing rain or a mixed precipitation possible before changing back over to all snow.

Right now I'm thinking that the main icy mess and or Mixed precipitation mess will stay pretty much from I70 south. With all snow from I70 north. However right now I don't want to totally rule out the chance for a small time frame of some mixed precipitation in the southern parts of the WLFI viewing area. I'm not going to give out snowfall amounts for this system just yet! I feel that this system can still change to much for snowfall amounts to be posted at this time. But they will be up shortly I promise!

So that's the latest on the Monday - Tuesday system. I will continue to track and keep the latest data posted for everyone. Until then I wish you all a great evening, and an Awesome Weekend! I will check back again soon.

God Bless

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