Sunday, February 6, 2011

Come On People!

Hey bloggers. This post isn't going to be about the weather! I'll get back to that in my next post. This post I wanna talk a little to you all about the Superbowl. Not the game! But the national anthem, and the Halftime Show.

First off I know many of you may not like today's pop music which is fine! However I feel very sorry for both Christina Aguilera, and the Black Eyed Peas! Christina Aguilera, came out to sing the national anthem and I thought she did a pretty good job! There is no why I could do it! :) But I guess she messed up a few words. Which let me point out "I didn't even notice". She knew she messed up, however she kept going. Once she got back stage she freaked out and felt like she blew the biggest performance of her career. After the Star Spangled Banner wrapped, Aguilera headed backstage where a source tells that the singer is "devastated." She knows she messed up big time, It's an honor to be asked and she let America and herself down. She doesn't want anyone around her. Everyone telling her she was great but she knows the truth.

Also the Halftime show is getting pounded with bad comments!

The Black Eyed Peas had the privledge of being the first pop act since Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake's 2004's Nipplegate to grace the Super Bowl halftime spot. But they also had the disadvantage of being the first act not playing their own instruments and as a result, often came off muted following memories of Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, The Who and Prince. But fans on Twitter and Facebook were blaming that more on a faulty mix... Which I would agree to that! When they started they did have some mic problems. And some problem with the sound! But think about it for a minute! They put all this together on the field in less then ten minutes! Do we really expect everything to go perfect??? COME ON! I have heard them sing live before and they sounded really good! But you could tell that this was mic problems and audio problems. Not the singers!

Now take a look at what people are saying!
First here are the comments about Christina Aguilera...

It's a total disgrace. She should be ashamed of herself. Did she even practice it? She's a joke I would like to forget

I think she sang so badly, didn't make any difference if she flubbed up the words

what a disgrace....maybe if she sang it the way it is suppose to be sung she wouldn't have screwed it up....just cause she can sing don't me she has any smarts...another disgrace ...........dumb dumb dumb

Here are the comments on the Black Eyed Peas...

Anyone with a good ear knows they SUCKED big time. The yoking, no instrumentals to be heard. Just a total disaster. Bunch of people dancing around does not make up for this fiasco

That is the WORST half time show EVER! It was a screeching, off-key mess! The BEPs owe all of us a huge apology for subjecting us to such a crap show... ;)

Look up the word LAME in the dictionary and it links you to a video of the Super Bowl XLV halftime show

Very disappointing show - I expected them to be outstanding. Better than Christina Aguilera though - what a disgrace she was


Tell me! Is this what America has come to??? Just a bunch of people downgrading others because of a few minor mess ups? I know the notional anthem is a huge song that shouldn't be messed up! However we are all human! We mess up sometimes! I mess up! You Mess up! We're not perfect!! Don't Dis someone over something like this. Am I a Christina Aguilera, fan?? No I don't listen to her songs. However I'm a fan of caring for others! And I don't think that America is being fair in the least bit!!

I feel sorry for you Christina. I feel sorry that the American people are not able to accept that people are not perfect. It's not your fault! Things like this happen! I thought you did a great job. Just to get out there and have the guts to continue on with the song! Amazing! Good for you.....

As for the Black Eyed Peas! The same for them! When you put together a whole halftime show in less then ten minutes you can't expect it to be perfect! I have seen many other halftime shows that wasn't perfect! It happens. But don't Dis others just because you didn't like the show! I loved it. It was a halftime show that got you pumped for the second half! It was fun and that's what it's about. America Come on, Start giving others a break. How would you like to be told you suck every time someone doesn't like the way you did something? Or if you have a small mess up??

This happens not just in the media, But all around us!

if this is what the American people are coming to, Then the American people are not who I thought they were.


Come on.....


Anonymous said...

I agree fully with you justin.
I think Christina Aguilera did a great job I couldn't even tell she messed up, I feel so bad for her though because some of the ppl won't let her forget it, they need to remember that it isn't easy to go out in front of god knows how many ppl and sing the national anthem I was born and raised here and I don't even know the lyrics to it, what she did took guts I don't even have so those haters need to lay off cause I bet they couldn't even do it. As for the halftime show I thought it was amazing and great yes there were a few problems with the mics and so on but other then that great.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is sad that people are so ready to pick other people apart for their mistakes which WE ALL make from time to time. FORGIVENESS and LOVE is what it's all about. I'm sure she feels terrible and nobody more than her knows she made a mistake. About the music, I did not watch it as I am a "Granny", and don't care for this "so-called" music nowadays. LOL. I stick to Christian music or the "oldies". Nice post Justin. :-) JLB