Monday, February 28, 2011

Cooler Air Is Winning Out Keeping The Severe Weather South!

Well, because of the cooler air that has really started to overtake the viewing area, we are seeing the stronger storms stay well south of Lafayette. South of Montgomery, county as well. Just take a look at the lightning tracker. The white marks are the new strikes. You can see there are very few of them left on this map. Mostly old strikes across the viewing area.We have dropped to 41* degrees in Lafayette, this past hour! The cooler air has helped to stable us. You can see in this radar image below how the heavier precipitation and lightning / thunder is staying south of Montgomery, county.
This image was taken at 1:30AM EST.....

So here's where I expect the real severe weather to continue through the overnight.
You can see for everyone in the viewing area I look for rain showers to continue along with a few light thunder rumbles possible. And I look for the strong stuff to stay to our southwest as I have been talking about on the blog from the start of this thing! I'm still keeping my main impact zone as you can see above! That's where that squall line is heading and it's still warm enough in that area with temperatures around 68* and 70* degrees!

So for tonight we can expect a low around 38* degrees and rain showers. A few light thunder rumbles are also possible. Nothing major! Some of this rain may change over to a few light snow showers early early morning however I don't look for any accumulation. Maybe a dusting in the grassy areas if that much! Winds will continue between 10 and 15 mph with a few gusts to 25 - 30mph possible.

We look good at this time bloggers! I'll still stick around for a little while longer just to make sure! If I see any changes I'll let you know. Now go get some sleep! ;)

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