Monday, February 28, 2011

A Long Night For All Weather Watchers!

We are gonna have a long night ahead of us weather watchers! With more rain and thunderstorms off to our west still pushing toward Indiana. I'm still looking for the strongest storms to stay to our south however as you have seen a few warned cells are still possible. However all the warned cells we have seen this evening have been do to wind and hail. However no storm reports have been received at this time! Which is good news!
You can see the scattered thunderstorms currently over our area pushing north north east at around 50 mph. And then the thunderstorms (Line of thunderstorms) still to our west moving east. Right now it's looking like scattered thunderstorms will be possible through 3:am - 4:am EST this morning. right now other then heavy rainfall and some light rumbles we are calm in the viewing area. I will continue to watch the radars and keep you posted as needed.

No Flash Flood warnings have been issued up to this point which is good news however flooding is still a threat as we continue into the overnight. Doppler radar indicates a possible inch of rain in areas of Fountain, county and anywhere between 1" and 1.5" inches of rain in areas of Montgomery, county! Take a look below.
Again take note that this is just Doppler Indicated!

Stay tuned bloggers. I'll continue to check back as needed!

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