Saturday, February 5, 2011

More Snow And BITTER COLD On The Way!

Well, bloggers we had more snow this afternoon and so many of you are wondering when it will stop and when will spring arrive!! Well, I'm sorry but I see more snow in the forecast before sunny skies and flowers blooming! ;) Take a look at the snowfall reports from around the area this afternoon.You can see we did in fact see some isolated higher amounts then expected! Yes, over in Howard, county coming in the 5.8" inches! WOW! That I really expected to stay more south. But this has been anything but a normal winter here in Indiana, so at this point and time I guess anything is possible when it comes to winter precipitation. Thanks for your reports!

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So what about the Superbowl forecast?? I know a lot of you will be having the friends and family over to enjoy the game! So what do we have in store?? Well, lets take a look at your quick cast.

Quick Cast.....

Superbowl Sunday! I look for mostly cloudy skies with a chance at some more snow showers across the area. Right now looking for 1" to 2" inches over most of the viewing area. Lighter amounts the more north you go. Highs will be around 35* degrees with a low Sunday night around 24* degrees. Winds between 10 and 15 mph. I'm also forecasting some hard hits on the field and an awesome Halftime show! I predict that either the Packers or the steelers will win! ;)

Monday we will look for a few left over scattered flurries possible before becoming mostly cloudy that late afternoon / evening. Little snow accumulation expected. High will be around 27* degrees with a low around 2* degrees! Winds light between 3 and 5 mph.

Yes, snow is in the forecast for Superbowl Sunday. But how much? Well, today we expected 1" to 3" inches over most of the area and ended up with near 4" inches in most areas. So tracking this winter has been a job all it's own. However most models are showing light accumulations around an inch. I believe that most of the viewing area at this time will be in a 1" to 2" inch range with closer to a trace to an inch in our northern counties.

I will continue to watch this system and will most likely have another update regarding how much snowfall we could see by tomorrow late morning / early afternoon. So be sure to check back for that!

The main story to start this week is gonna be the COLD! Take a look at this.
Yes, this is a map showing the cold arctic air that will drop into the area to start next week! I'm talking about highs only in the teens and lows below zero! This cold will dip way south. Yes, Canada will share the cold with us and we will be nice and share it with our southern friends! ;)

So just how cold will we be over the next week? Well, here's your answers below.
You can see the daytime highs over Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be in the teens. With lows BITTER COLD, Over Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday BELOW ZERO! And again this isn't adding in the wind chill. So be sure to dress warm. Mother Nature isn't gonna let up anytime soon. Some meteorologist have been joking that Mother Nature must be on Red Bull this season lol :) Could that be true? Well, it sure would explain all this crazy record setting weather now wouldn't it! ;)

Now go have a great Sunday Weather - wise and Otherwise everyone and enjoy some family time and football!

I'll check back soon with another look at the snowfall.

God Bless!

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