Sunday, February 27, 2011

No Major Changes To The Forecast.

Okay bloggers. After going through the latest data there really isn't to much that I need to change from my last update. However I do feel a little more confident that the worst is going to stay to our southeast. So this map below still holds up in the forecast at this time. Take a look.
Main impact zone still expected to be in southern Indiana, and southeast of there. With the best chance of severe still south of I-74. So with it being that close I wouldn't rule out a possible strong storm or two in the viewing area however the worst will stay south. With that being said don't be alarmed to see The National weather service still issue a thunderstorm watch or warning here and there as that is possible.

Now at this time here is what I believe the main thunderstorm threats will be tonight.Tonight with the storms we will see winds between 10 and 20 mph gusting in storms between 35 and 40 mph possible. 45 and 50 mph gusts the more south you go into the stronger storms. Also Minor flooding will be a threat tonight with 1" to 2" inches of rain expected. If you live near the rivers please take note of this! The National weather service has already issued a number of Flood watches and warnings through out the area. Small hail cannot be ruled out however nothing major! And then Lightning is a threat with any thunderstorm.

As for any of you who may be scared about a Tornado threat! I'm keeping the viewing area in a 2% chance! I think the big tornado threat will be in that main impact zone well, to our southeast!

That's the latest as of now bloggers. We are already seeing scattered showers in areas around Rensselaer, and Mount Ayr, in Newton, and Jasper, counties. I expect more scattered showers / thundershowers to become more wide spread as we head closer to 7:pm EST and after! I will continue to check back with in storm updates as needed!

God Bless!


Anonymous said...

Justin have you seen that nasty line of cells coming this way from ?? some state in the SW, sorry not sure which ones. Looks like a rooster claw and they look nasty!


JIWB said...

Yup I have! We will just have to continue to take it hour by hour and stay on top of things!

I will be sure to have in storm updates as this system move through. Right now the real severe threat seems like it will stay south. But I'm not gonna rule out a stray strong storm or two with this one!

Watching Closely!