Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pushing Record Highs!

Bloggers take a look at today's highs from across the area! WOW it's really looking like Spring outside. I was out with just a T-shirt. No jacket needed this afternoon. You can see Lafayette, hitting a high near 60* degrees at 59.2* degrees. The record high for this very day in Lafayette, was 61* degrees and it was set back in 1976! We came just short of breaking this record. However tomorrow I believe we will set a new record high! Yes, the record high for tomorrow set back in 1994 was 56* degrees. And right now I expect us to break that record!! :) We may break it by as much as 5* degrees!!

Keep watch! ;)

Now because of all these above average high temperatures we have seen the past few days, We have seen a lot of melting snow! And this melting snow has caused a lot of standing water and also forced the national weather service to issue a Flood Advisory for Tippecanoe, Warren, and Fountain, counties! Take a look at this map below. You can see the Wabash is currently standing at 4.01ft however it is expected to peak at 10.5ft on Saturday at 1:am EST. Flood stage is at 11ft so you can see how close this is! If you live by the rivers then you may want to take note of this and stay weather / Flood ready! This is what we see this time of year. With such a deep snow pack on the ground and then really mild temperatures the melted snow / water has nowhere to go! Just look at how much the snow pack has decreased over the past 6 days. It's just amazing how fast everything has melted!So the question is "How long is this warm weather gonna last?". Well, we will have some more 40s move back into the area next week however nothing to cold to deal with. A lot of you should be happy with that lol. We do have some light rain chances in the forecast! Here's your quick cast map and forecast below with all the details.
Quick Cast.....
Thursday I expect to see around a 30% to 40% chance of a few scattered light rain showers across the area. Nothing major! Breezy!! Expect winds between 10 and 15 mph gusting between 30 - possibly 40 mph at times. Expect a high around 63* degrees!! With a low Thursday night around 46* degrees. So a 30% - 40% chance of scattered light rain otherwise partly to mostly cloudy.
Friday expect mostly clear skies across the WLFI viewing area. Highs peaking at 55* degrees however this will be early on and the temperature will fall through out the day! Expect a low Friday night cool around 27* degrees. Winds between 10 and 20 mph early on gusting between 25 and maybe 30 mph.
So if you live by the rivers please take note and keep yourself updated on the flood advisory! And if your inland! Enjoy the 60s tomorrow. I wish you all an awesome day weather - wise and otherwise!
God Bless!

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