Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sand Like Sleet! It Hurts When It Hits You lol :)

Above is a look at the sleet that has been falling in the area ever since this system entered the viewing area. This picture I took in Lafayette where the Sleet is coming down pretty heavy at time! And it is making things SLICK! It's like walking on tiny beads. Or sand! You can see how it just pours out of my hand in the above photo. This stuff is making a slight ice pack on sidewalks. I have been out shoveling it off as fast as it fall. And let me tell you (IT'S WORK!).

This will continue into this evening before changing over to all snow later tonight into early Wednesday. I have recorded 0.50" inches of sleet in Lafayette, up to this point and time. Remember we said we could pick up another 1.0" to 1.5" inches near two inches of sleet! And that is still very likely!

Stay safe bloggers and stay off the roads as much as possible. I'll continue to check back as needed. Be sure to send your weather pictures and weather reports to me at dobby1717@aol.com Thank you!


Anonymous said...

hey justin...lafayette is really close to the heavy snow it seems. reports are that kentland is receiving heavy snow...why won't laf. change over, considering it's only like 40 minutes from here?

JIWB said...

This is going to be the story with this storm. Snowfall amounts are really gonan be different a few miles from the next!

We will change over to all snow once the mid level air aloft reaches freezing or below freezing! Right now it is between 32* and 34* degrees. And with the way this system has been going, Lafayette could see 5" to 7" inches of snow while just a few short miles north could be seeing near 10" inches!