Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Winter Snow - Pack Melt Down!

Well, bloggers the count down to Spring has begone. You can see in the map above that the official start of Spring will be on March 20th at 7:21pm EDT! So don't miss it! lol. Today really felt like the start of Spring with a high recorded in Lafayette, of 49.8* degrees. Yes, just .2* degrees short of 50* degrees! WOW Our high today of 49.8* degrees is 11* degrees above our average for this time of year! Still we did not set a record. The record high on this very day was set back in 1984 with a high of 56* degrees. We were pushing it! lol. Just 6.2* degrees short! So the question is..... "Will this mild weather continue??". Well, let me say that we could be near record highs again later this week! ;)

Now we do have some windy weather on the way between tonight and tomorrow. Take a look at this map I put together below.You can see tonight we will see a cold front push through the area which will keep us in the lower 40s for tomorrow's tomorrow. We will also be in a pressure gradient which means gusty winds! You can see all the tightly packed isobars that will be the story over tonight into Monday in the map above. I'm talking about winds gusting to 35 and 40 mph tonight into tomorrow. So be sure to tie things down.

Here's a look at your quick cast below.

Quick Cast.....

Tonight we will look for mostly clear skies across the area as a cold front move through early Monday. We will look for a low tonight around 30* degrees with winds between 10 and 20 mph. Gusting to 30 - 35 mph near 40 mph possible at times!

Monday we will see partly cloudy skies across the area with a high around 40* degrees. A low Monday night around 22* degrees after the cold front passes the area. We will see breezy conditions with winds between 15 and 20 mph. Expect a few gusts to 25 - 30 mph near 35 mph at times.

And Tuesday we will look for mostly clear skies across the WLFI viewing area. Some clouds moving in later that night possible. Otherwise mostly clear. We will see a high around 42* degrees with a low Tuesday night around 33* degrees. Winds between 5 and 10 mph gusting to 15 mph possible.
As you can see above it was a really nice day today! With nice clear skies across the area. This picture taken in the Lafayette area. I know of many people who even opened up the windows for a while to let some of the fresh moist air in! And yes, I was one of them. When you go from highs in the teens to highs near 50* degrees it feels like a heat wave. Some people was even out in T-Shirts! lol. That's Indiana for you! ;)
The only bad thing about this time of year and this quick of a warm up with still a deep snow - pack on the ground is this!
Yes, the Melt Down! It's going to take a little while for this snow - pack to melt. And while it melts it's gonna make a big mess of standing water across the area. And anyone with pets isn't gonna like it very much lol. I'm forecasting lots of wet muddy paws across the area over the next week or so! ;)

That's the latest bloggers. In my next post we will talk about some possible 60s! Later this week! You don't want to miss that. Have a great day Weather - wise and Otherwise!

God Bless!

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