Friday, March 11, 2011

The Aftershocks Continue And The Death Toll Keeps Rising. Our prayers Are With Them!

Donate to help Japan by texting (REDCROSS) to 90999 to donate $10... Every bit helps! Right now they have No power, No food, and No Water. If you can, please text!

Bloggers. I have more sad news coming from Japan.. The death toll continues to rise over time, and the aftershocks continue as well. However the thing about these aftershocks is they could be considered small earthquakes! Why?

Well, because At least 124 quakes magnitude 5 or higher have struck near Honshu, Japan, coast since the 8.9 major Earthquake earlier. And another 6.8 magnitude aftershock just now hit Japan! It's almost like this event is never ending!!

Kyodo News is reporting that at least 217 individuals have been confirmed dead from Friday's devastating earthquake, and more than 1,000 fatalities are feared:

The death toll from Friday's catastrophic earthquake in Japan reached 217 Saturday in nine prefectures, including Tokyo, with the toll likely to rise to well over 1,000 as some areas suffered devastating damage, according to the National Police Agency and the Defense Ministry. (Note that the reason it says Satuday above is because it is already satuday in Japan!)

Videos from this event are just below in my last update! Please check them out. You won't believe your eyes.

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