Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cold Front Passing, We're Cooling And Becoming Stable!

It turns out that there was a wall cloud observed in Crawfordsville, along with 1.25" Inch sized hail!!! Still there where no reports of any tornadoes touching down thank God!

This Wall cloud was expected as the supercell that went through Crawfordsville was rotating so much at one point and time and had such a hook on radar. Take a look.

This was just before it entered Crawfordsville. Just look at that hook!! I'm glad that everyone is safe and okay! Please remember that if you hear the tornado sirens or hear a tornado warning is in effect please don't run to the windows to look out. Just get to your safe spot as quick as possible!

Again Thank God no tornado touched down and everyone was safe!
Well, as you can see that cold front has passed over the viewing area and our temperatures have droped FAST! We went from the middle to upper 60s down to currently the upper 40s! Abnd it is a COLD rain outside. Lafayette, picked up 0.10" Inches with still a light rain.

You can see below the radar indicitaed rainfall below.
You can see Lafayette, around 0.10" Inches. Areas of Fountain, county between 0.25" Inches to 0.50" Inches. Areas of Montgomery, county between 1.00" inches to 1.50" Inches. Again this is Doppler indicitied rainfall.

As for the rest of tongiht I'm looking for a low around 27* degrees with steady winds between 10 and 15 mph. Scattered rain showers continue and could change over to a few scattered flurries overnight. Otherwise just cold and mostly cloudy overnight.

So the strong storms are off to our east now as the cooler air moves in. We are becoming more stable!

So get ready for the 20s tonight and the 40s tomorrow!


Brow said...

As always, awesome updates through the night!

By the way, I use software called rssowl that gives me updates as soon as you post so its really nice to know whats going on!

Thanks again!

JIWB said...

Hahaha Well, that is pretty cool Brow! I gotta say! ;)