Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It Was A Beautiful Sunny Day!!

Well, first things first! What an amazing day it was today!! Beautiful sunny skies across the area with a high around 46* degrees! WOW It felt sooo good to get out for a nice 2 mile run around Armstrong park pond. Then I came home and did a weight workout outside! It was a nice cool crisp sunny day! Who's ready for more spring weather?? I know a lot of you gotta be ready! :)

Well, we have more mild weather on the way! But before we get to that lets take a quick look at whats going on down around the Wabash River. Take a look below.You can see we are expected to crest on the Wabash tonight at around 16.3ft. This is a good five feet above flood stage so we are watching that closely. Good news is we will have a few dry days that should help out a bit. Bad news is I also see more rain in the forecast by this weekend where another 2" inches of rain could be possible! That won't help the rivers a bit!! So I will be watching that closely for everyone as well.

Lets take a look at your quick cast below.

Quick Cast.....

Wednesday we will look for lots of mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies across the viewing area! Highs will be around 41* degrees as a cold front pushes through the area. This will make for a cold night with a low around 19* degrees. Winds between 10 and 15 mph.

Thursday we will see more partly cloudy skies through out the day. Some clouds start to move into the area later on that evening / night. With around a 30% chance of a few scattered rain showers that night. Scattered showers continue through Friday. expect a mild high around 48* degrees with a low around 39* degrees. Winds between 10 and 15 mph.

Extended Outlook, We will watch some scattered showers on Friday however the real event to watch will be this weekend! Where we could pick up another 2" inches of rain when all is said and done. Also we will be pushing the low 60s as we head into the weekend! So a lot is going on!

Yes, we could very well be pushing the low 60s as we head into this weekend. Take a look at your extended temperature outlook below.Right now I have upper 50s as highs come this weekend however that could change!

Also the first day of Spring is on the 20th of this month at 7:21pm EDT! So start the count down! It's getting closer and I know a lot of you can't wait lol. I'm ready myself to get out and start running around the pond more as well as getting ready for some 5K's and Softball Season! What are you all ready for??

Have an awesome week bloggers! I'll keep you all updated on the rain to come this weekend.

God Bless!

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Anonymous said...

The sun sure was nice to see and feel today! Not looking forward to all that rain at once! Thanks Justin. Take care and Lord bless you. JLB