Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today's Outlook...

We had a few light showers last night however nothing to heavy. I just wanted to check back in with everyone this morning to let you know what has changed in the forecast for today!

Right now I'm only calling for a slight chance of a few widely scattered hit and miss showers / thundershowers. However rainfall is only expected to be around a tenth inch or so. Nothing to heavy.

Take a look at this satellite image below.
This image was just taken around 10:15am EDT. You can see we are looking at partly cloudy skies across the area. This will be the story through out much of today. Mostly cloudy to partly cloudy skies. You can see in that yellow area. This is where some light rain is starting to pop up. This is what I mean by isolated scattered showers. Some of us may see some while others could stay dry all day.

Not looking for anything severe if we do see any showers or thundershowers which is great news! High in the upper 60s so enjoy it before the 40s return tomorrow through the weekend and into next week...

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