Monday, April 4, 2011

Details About Last Nights Storms!

Okay bloggers take a look at all these storm reports from last night!!! WOW Still thank God no tornadoes were reported last night. You can see by the reports above how much stronger the squall line of storms was before it started to push through the WLFI viewing area. We really wasn't that unstable so the closer the line got it did in fact start to weaken a bit which helped us out a lot. Still we did have some high winds across the area as expected with some minor wind damage. You can see that small line that developed and pushed through the area earlier last last night around 4:am EDT.
You can see as it passed through Benton, Newton, Jasper, Warren, White, Fountain, Tippecanoe, counties it wasn't that strong. No severe thunderstorm warnings issued at that time. However there were some gusty winds embedded in this line and it did start to become more strong as it moved out of the viewing area and pushed off farther to our eastern counties and off to our southeast as expected.

Take a look at these peak wind gusts I recorded from last night.

Kokomo, 45 mph.

Lafayette, 43 mph.

Fort Wayne, 33 mph.

And I do have one damaging wind report from the viewing area out of Williamsport! In Warren, county.

Williamsport, House damage by high winds near county road 322 south and 900 west. Wind speed unknown.

Lafayette, picked up some slight wind damage in areas as well. here are a few pictures below.
This one is taken as the city repairers some street signs that got blown down during the storms last night.
This picture above also taken in the Lafayette, area of a good sized tree limb snapped in half laying on the sidewalk do to the high winds gusting in storms.

Still this could have been worse no doubt. However areas to our south, Southwest and southeast are the target zone this afternoon.
If your in or around this red area today or if you know any friends or family in or around this area then you may want to give them a call and give them the heads up! It is going to be dangerous down that way with strong severe thunderstorms and tornadoes likely to develop! So please again if you know anyone in that area give them a call and make sure they are weather ready this afternoon into Tuesday.

So for the rest of today we will see the temperatures fall as the cold front passes and continues to move to our east.
So expect a cool day in the low 50s / upper 40s. And last but not least here is a look at some of the rainfall totals from around the area.

Lebanon, 0.54" Inches.

Lafayette, 0.35" Inches.

Kentland, 0.32" Inches.

Covington, 0.30" Inches.

Logansport, 0.27" Inches.

West - Lafayette, 0.21" Inches.

Take care and God Bless!


Anonymous said...

Hi Justin!

Storms hit here at 4:15-4:20 a.m. Wind gust at that time was 36 mph leaving .27 inch rain in a short time. Later more rain came with a total of .37 inch.


Anonymous said...

What a way to wake up! Not far from me a large tree is down.