Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gearing Up To Track Some Spring Thunderstorms!

Well, bloggers severe weather is in the forecast for late Sunday night into Monday. So whats the break down? Well, lets get to it and take a look. This map above is looking at 2:pm EDT Sunday. You can see we are looking for mostly cloudy skies across the area maybe a few breaks in the clouds from time to time possible. However I do have to keep around a 30% chance for a few light scattered showers that afternoon. However rainfall would only be around a tenth inch. Expect a high Sunday around 66* degrees. If we see more sun we could be near 70* degrees as the warm front passes the area.

Things start to get more unstable and more tricky as we look into late Sunday night into Monday. That's when we will be tracking the cold front that will fire up a squall line of thunderstorms some of which could be severe.
This map is looking at 8:pm EDT Sunday. You can see some scattered thunderstorms popping up in front of that cold front. This will soon develop into a full squall line of storms... This won't move into the area until late late Sunday night into early Monday morning. So I will be watching it closely. As we head into Monday we will be looking for thunderstorms through out much of the day. Yes, some severe. We are in that slight risk for severe area. As for our main storm threats I look for Small hail possible. Frequent lightning. And a tornado cannot be totally ruled out at this time.

However with that said I do believe that the main areas for tornadoes is gonna be in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri, And parts of IL, Then as this line moves to the south east of the viewing area it will be stronger and there will be a threat to our southeast as well. So we will need to watch this event closely over the next day. And I will be back with more details tomorrow once more data comes in you can count on it!

Also we do have a wind advisory in effect for the following counties below.

Clinton, Warren, Tippecanoe, Carroll, Fountain, Montgomery... This advisory is in effect from Noon Sunday until 1:am EDT Monday.

With that said we will be looking at breezy conditions tomorrow. I look for winds between 10 and 20 mph gusting to 35 - and 40 mph!! So tie any small objects you may have down!

So I will continue to watch this event closely over time and I will have another update coming your way tomorrow before the storms! So be sure to check back so we all can stay on top of things!

God Bless.....


Anonymous said...

Thanks Justin. Your blog page looks really nice. Crisp, clear and sharp! Take care. :-) JLB

Brow said...

Thanks for the update! Will you be chasing this one?

JIWB said...

Hey Brow. I will be watching the time it's expected to move in. Last models showed that it could be dark when the storms arrive. In that case I wouldn't be chasing. If it is daylight then sure! ;)


Brow said...

Lol! I didn't even think about that! :)