Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Thoughts And Prayers Go Out To Everyone Affected In This MAJOR Severe Weather Outbreak!

Bloggers this tornado outbreak that went down yesterday is gonna go down in history!!! This is one of the biggest outbreaks to ever take place in the states! Take a look at all the tornado reports from just yesterday alone!!
165 tornadoes reported yesterday!!! WOW That is almost unheard of!! I pray that everyone is okay. I know there were deaths, and injuries, however my thoughts and prayers are going out to all these people!!! (GOD BLESS).

Take a look at this video in from Tuscaloosa, AL, Yesterday! These terrible storms that ripped through the southern states killed at least 248 people!

All we can do is pray for everyone!

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Brow said...

Yes that is horrible. I am still in shock on how nasty it got.

They are saying now up to 300 related deaths...just plain horrible.

My thoughts go out that way as well. :(