Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Severe Threat Tonight!

Another shot at storms tonight bloggers! We have been put in a Tornado watch until 10:pm EDT tonight. This is for the whole WLFI viewing area.

Why could tornadoes become a threat tonight?? Well, as the sunlight continues to shine down on the area we're becoming more and more unstable. We are seeing current Lifted Index between -3 and -4. Anything lower then -4 is very unstable! take a look.

This chart is a look at our current Lifted Index. Again we're between -3 and -4 however weather models expect us to fall between -4 and -6! So we will be watching that closely.

Also we could see CAPE values as high as 2,500J/kg which would support dangerous lightning, and small hail in thunderstorms.

With how unstable we currently are, Looking at the Mesoanalysis data and the Significant Tornado layer we are seeing values around "1".

This could support brief isolated tornadoes in or around the area.

Above you can see where I would currently expect the best chance for tornadoes to develop in that Purple area however if we continue to become more unstable then this could change overtime.

We will just have to continue to watch this and as more data comes in I will do my best to keep everyone posted. So our main storm threats look to be:

Small Hail In Some Storm.

Dangerous Frequent Lightning, (As With Any Thunderstorm).

Flash Flooding Is A Threat As Flooding Is Already Occurring!

High Gusty Winds Of 60+ Mph Possible In Storms!

And An Isolated Tornado Cannot Be Ruled Out Just Yet...

I'll check back soon! God Bless.

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