Friday, April 22, 2011

Watching Storms Tonight!

Well, bloggers take a look at this satellite image below. You can see we are starting to see that line of storms develop off to our west at this time.
Yes, caps are starting to pop once again which means before long we will be tracking this weather in the WLFI viewing area. You can see the latest radar image below.
Radar image taken at 6:12pm EDT

Right now after going through the latest data it is still looking like the highest risk for strong strong storms is still gonna set up to our south! However we cannot rule out a few strong storms in our area as well.
You can see where I have the current highest threat area above. With it being that close to home we will be watching things closely. So what would our thunderstorm threats be as we head into tonight? Well, at this time I believe that heavy rain in storms are likely, With that being said we are continuing to watch the rivers as flooding is still a threat! Well, not really a threat as it's already happening in the area. These rains tonight won't help that.

Also with CAPE values between 1,000J/kg and 1,500J/kg I cannot rule out a few small hailers within the WLFI viewing area. Otherwise as with any thunderstorm lighting is a concern, And gusty winds outside of storms to 35 near 40 mph gusting higher in storms possible.

As for the tornado threat??
Right now I think the area to see the tornadoes would be southwest of the viewing area. And at this time the National Weather Service agrees as you can see above. So though we won't completely rule one out, It is still a "low" chance at this time!

I will continue to try and watch this system through out the evening and keep everyone posted the best I can.

God Bless!

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