Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Breaking Record Highs This Afternoon!!

Well, bloggers you can see in the map above the areas in that yellow are the areas in a Severe thunderstorm watch! Here are the following Indiana / WLFI viewing area counties in that watch below.





This watch has been put into effect do to all the storms to our north and also to our west in areas of IL, that have been popping up all afternoon and into this evening. This watch is in effect because there is a chance we could see a few quick pop up thunderstorms in the area. However at this time I believe that the greatest severe threat is going to be to our west and also to our north. Take a look.

The yellow area is the Slight Risk for severe weather area. However that purple area I added to this map is where I believe the greatest severe threat will be this evening. However a stray storm cannot be ruled out in the viewing area! So we will be keeping watch. At this time our northern counties have a slightly better chance of seeing severe weather tonight then the southern counties. However we're not totally out of the woods yet!

On another note take a look at the high we reached this afternoon here in the Lafayette, area!
That's right the old record high set on this very day back in 1993 was a hot high of 89* degrees! However we passed that old record by one degree! Yes, this afternoon I recorded a high in Lafayette, of 90* degrees! WOW! Talk about H - O - T!!!!! ;)

But will this continue?? Well, here's a quick peak at the next three day highs!

Thursday Another high pushing possible 90* degrees! Models are showing 87* degrees.

Friday still in the 80s around 80* degrees.

And Saturday back in the 70s but still slightly above average with a high around 75* degrees!

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