Monday, May 30, 2011

A Great Memorial Day Weekend, How Long Will The Heat Last? And What About The Sunny Skies!

That's right, Above is a look at today's satellite. You can see nothing but CLEAR SUNNY SKIES over the area through out the whole day! B-E-A-Utiful outside for sure. A little hot however that didn't stop me from a 2.5 mile run around armstrong pond. 91.4* degrees is what I have recorded as a high in the Lafayette, area. It was 90.7* while I was out on my run. You gotta have FFF, "Faith, Focus, Finish!" You can't let the weather stop you from your goals. :)

And it wasn't just a beautiful day this afternoon but also yesterday for the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500! I recorded a high yesterday of 83.3* degrees and partly cloudy skies across the area. I enjoyed spending time with the family having a cookout while listening to the race on radio.
You can see that your's truly was on grill duty lol. The menu included: Ribs, Hamburgers, Hotdogs, and two kinds of Brats! Beer, and cheese.Yummmmm, And not to forget that Indy Car cake you can find in my older post. That was gone in a matter of a few hours.
We also had a bit of a ping pong competition going on in the garage after the cookout. My uncle and myself started things off with some speed pong. Needless to say we could both have used a bit of practice. lol. Ping pong isn't my sport. I'm a much better Short Stop! ;) It was even better sitting aside watching my sister and aunt go at it. Take a look at the focus on my aunts face.
My sister in the left picture. And my aunt on the right.

I don't think they hit the ball onto the table once! lol. Everywhere else in the garage the ball was bouncing like crazy. So it was very entertaining, I'll give it that! ;)

So the next question is, "How long will these 90s last along with the sunny skies?". Well, I have your answer!
Above is a look at the surface chart for tomorrow morning (Tuesday) around 8:am EDT. Right now it's looking like a day of Mostly sunny skies to Partly cloudy skies across the area. However with that cold front you see off to our west we cannot rule out the slight chance of a few pop up scattered thundershowers within the area. Also we will see a backdoor cold front move through, However it's not gonna cool us any!
You can see in this surface chart above looking at 8:pm EDT that evening, The cold front that is to our west starts getting closer to the area bringing the better chance for a few more pop up scattered thundershowers in the area. This is around a 30% chance. Here's your Tuesday weather break down below.

Quick Cast.....

Tuesday we will look for mostly sunny skies to partly cloudy skies across the area. With a weak cold front moving in from the west we will have to keep in the slight chance of a few pop up hit and miss scattered thundershowers in the area. Expect a high once again in the low 90s around 92* degrees. With a low that night around 65* degrees. It will be breezy with winds between 20 and 25 mph. A few gusts could reach 28 mph possible.

Extended Outlook.
The cold front that will move through the area tomorrow (Tuesday) won't cool us off very much. We will drop to a high on both Wednesday and Thursday in the upper 80s however I see 90s back by this weekend!

So the heat is here for a little while! That means you have two options. #1) Get the sun screen out and use it well! Also enjoy the A/C.

Or option #2) Get the swim suite out and soak up the rays, Take the heat in stride and work on that tan! ;) Just do it safely!

Also during this heat please don't leave pets in cars! It get dangerously HOT this time of year. It could kill them in no time. Cars reach temperatures ((well over)) 100* degrees. Always keep fresh cool water for your pets as well as for yourself.

So stay safe and God Bless!
Happy Memorial Day!

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thanks for posting about the dogs... also thanks for telling how great my ping pong game I laughed and had a good time..