Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Latest Data

Okay. After going through some more data here's how things look currently.
As you can see above our EHI values have started to improve! They're not as unstable as they were earlier this morning / afternoon. This is good news! Also we are starting to lose that daytime heating that helps to keep us unstable. Our temperature has started to fall from a high this afternoon in the 60s and 70s. To a current temp of 63* degrees.
At this time I'm still looking for the best chance of tornadoes to be to our south. Yes, inside the purple area you see in the image above. Now this does not mean we can't see one! It is still possible. However this is where I feel the best chance of tornadoes is currently going to be. So we will keep watch.
Also even though we are slowly trying to get a bit more stable. Some areas are not! Our Lifted Index (LI) is still very unstable at around -6. Anything from -4 and lower is very unstable! And that's why scattered pop up thunderstorms are likely this evening / tonight with a stray strong storm also possible.

So what we can do for now is just continue to watch the data and the radars closely. I will be here keeping everyone posted. You can do your part by letting other bloggers know whats going on near you by using the Live Chat on the top right of the blog!

Stay safe! I'll keep checking back.

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