Sunday, June 19, 2011

90s Return!

Well, my grandma had a great birthday. She even went on a moped ride that evening lol. For those of you who don't know my grandma, She loves to ride her moped! lol. 65 and still as wild and fun as ever lol. That's that Hatke spunk lol :)

Well, bloggers the past few days we have seen that the forecast has been calling for scattered thunderstorms just about everyday this past week. However we have seen more partly cloudy skies then anything! So whats the deal?? Well, when the forecast says Chance of scattered pop up showers or thundershowers in the area, it's just that! A Chance!. Otherwise we have been looking for partly cloudy skies. This is the pattern that will continue into the next few days as well. Take a look below.
This chart above is looking at tomorrow morning (Monday at 8:am EDT). You can see we are looking for a chance of a few scattered hit and miss showers / thundershowers in the area. Some of the storms that pop up could become strong at times in parts of the WLFI viewing area. Because of this chance for some pop up strong storms somewhere in the WLFI viewing area, the national weather service has gone ahead and issued our area to be in that slight risk for severe.
You can see us in that yellow area above. Now again I want to point out that not necessarily everyone in the viewing area will see storms, or strong storms for that matter. We have around a 40% chance of scattered showers / T - storms in the area. Otherwise I look for partly cloudy skies.

This is much of the same story for Tuesday as well. A chance of scattered pop up showers / T - Storms in the area, Otherwise partly cloudy skies.
The big difference on Tuesday will be the temperatures! Yes, you can see that warm front moving through the area Monday night bringing the low 90s as high by Tuesday! (POOL WEATHER) ;)

Just remember to be safe!

That's the break down on this weeks odd forecasting weather. I'll be here if needed. As in if we do happen to see any stronger storms move into the area!

Take care and God Bless!

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