Monday, June 20, 2011

Kicking Off The First Day Of Summer With Highs In The Upper 80s / Low 90s Possible.

Well, it was a busy morning for sure with lots of thunderstorms rolling across the state. Loud thunder and frequent lightning along with heavy heavy rainfall was the story all across the area. We even had a few severe thunderstorm warnings issued in the viewing area. You can see one of them that was issued earlier this morning sometime around 9:am EDT. The main threat with these storms was the heavy rainfall, frequent lightning, and hail! However the only hail report I received nearest to the area was out of Indianapolis with 1" inch sized hail.

The main things we seen in the Lafayette, area was the heavy rainfall and lowland flooding!
You can see above the smaller cells that packed a real punch when it came to rainfall. The darker reds indicate the heavier rain bands. I recorded 3.20" inches of rainfall after the storms passed the area here in Lafayette. A big 2.31" inches recorded in Lebanon.

Take a look at this video I took during the passing of that cell you see above in the Lafayette, area earlier this morning.
You can see what I'm talking about when I say lowland flooding. Flood warnings are still in effect do to lowland flooding in areas. Along with creeks flooding over and some rivers near flood stage after this event. This is something we will be watching overtime.

So now the question is, "Do we have more rain on the way?". Well, we have another chance for scattered hit and miss pop up showers / T-storms as we head into Tuesday.
This surface chart above is looking into 2:pm EDT Tuesday. You can see all the possible scattered pop up showers / T-storms in the area. So we will be watching things off and on through out the day tomorrow as well. Otherwise partly cloudy skies!

And last but not least! I know it has felt like summer for a while now however the first official day of Summer gets kicked off tomorrow!
Yes, summer begins tomorrow at 1:16pm EDT. And if we see more sun then clouds tomorrow we could be pushing the low 90s to start off the first day of summer. It will be close!

So have a great first day of summer everyone.
As always, Take care and God Bless!

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Brow said...

Love the video! Hope your pool didn't get wet! :D