Friday, June 3, 2011

Pray For No Rain Til After The Game!!

Above is a look at what the surface chart should look like by 8:pm EDT tonight. You can see that warm front is bringing in the warmer air for tomorrow the start of the weekend. I'm talking about highs around 93* degrees. And once that cold front moves in from our northwest we could see a few pop up scattered thunderstorms in the area. Some of which may be severe!
Here is a look at the surface chart for 8:am EDT Saturday. The warm front is passing through and the cold front to the west isn't far away. As we head through out the day tomorrow we have around a 30% to 40% chance of a few scattered hit and miss pop up thunderstorms in the area. Once they pop up we will have to watch them as some could become severe.
The greatest chance for severe will most likely come later on that evening into the early night. You can see above this is a look at the surface chart by 8:pm EDT Saturday. As the cold front moves in more storms will start to pop.

I really hope we miss out on the pop up storms tomorrow as I have a Softball game scheduled for 5:pm that evening. I'm going ahead and telling you all this so that if you don't see me on the blog then you know why!

So pray for no rain til after the game! ;)

Take care bloggers and keep your eyes on the radars!

God Bless!