Thursday, September 8, 2011

Autumn Equinox Is Two Weeks Away!

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Summer is just about over people! lol. We have less then 15 days left of Summer. Yes, Autumn is that close already! And it has felt like Autumn all week. I'm loving it! But the question is "How long will it last?". We've been running a good 10* to 11* degrees below our average high for this time of year. Our average high is to be around 80* degrees. And we have been looking at highs around 70* degrees the past few days. Take a look at the weekly temperatures I've put together below.
You can see I do expect us to warm up just a bit as we start off next week. However we won't be to far from our average high. Monday and Tuesday looking to be our warmest days of next week currently. We will soon cool back off into the 70s though as we head closer to Wednesday and the end of the week, So GREAT news for all my cool weather lovers out there!

Now on top of these cooler temperatures we also have some slight rain chances in the forecast. Not much! But rain is likely.
You can see we still have that low pressure system just to our east that is allowing for more light scattered rain chances in the forecast. This is why I cannot rule out around a 40% chance of a few hit and miss scattered showers in the area as we head into tomorrow. Otherwise we will look for mostly cloudy skies and cool temps in the middle 70s. Also a 20% chance of light scattered rain on Saturday.

And last but not least..... 
Yes, Autumn Equinox 2011 is going to be September 23rd at 5:05am EDT! I'm soooo ready to get Autumn kicked off lol. The cooler weather, The changing trees, And fresh smells! Ahhhhhhh lol.

Have a great day bloggers.

God Bless!

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