Monday, September 12, 2011

A Foggy Start Today, Much Cooler Weather Is Forecast This Week!

That's right, We have patchy fog chances this morning. So as many of you are heading to work and or School please take it slow and allow some extra time! Remember your fog driving safety tips and stay safe as always! With Dew points and air temperature both expected to be around 60* degrees, Fog is a real possibility!

Fog isn't the only thing we're talking abut today! Yes, temperatures!! When will more Autumn like weather return? I have your answer. Take a look at the high temperature outlook for the next five days below.
You can see today we're looking for the high temperature to be up in the lower 80s! 83* degrees for our high with partly cloudy skies and light winds between 5 and 10 mph. As we head through the week we will start to see the temperatures fall once again into the 70s and then the 60s as we head into Thursday! Real Autumn like weather is in the forecast for sure.

Why is this?
Well, as we head into Tuesday night / early Wednesday we will be tracking a cold front that will be pushing through the area allowing for that cooler northern air to dip down into the viewing area over the middle of the week! Take a look at this temperature map below.
This map is looking into Wednesday morning. We're looking at lows Tuesday night in the lower 50s, with lows Wednesday night in the 40s!

Here's another look at where that cold front is expected to be set up come Wednesday morning.
It's still 11 days til the official start of Autumn, (Autumn Equinox). September 23rd at 5:05am EDT. However nature has been saying otherwise lol. I gotta say, I've been enjoying the cooler weather, And as you all know I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE WINTER SNOW! lol :) Which I will be working on the 2011 - 2012 winter forecast very soon. I hope to have a post up by the first or second week of October! So you can look forward to that! ;)

And again before I go, I just wanted to say God Bless everyone affected during 9/11/01. It has been ten years and still sits fresh in our minds! They will NOT be forgotten. I leave this post with a video to remember!

Please Watch, And God Bless!

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