Monday, November 14, 2011

Dangerous November Storms!!

A line of storms rolled through the area earlier this afternoon just after 3:pm EST. Dangerous Lightning, Small and large hail, Along with High damaging winds across the area of 60 + mph!! And even a few funnel clouds.

Take a look at this wide range radar image below taken around 3:20pm EST.
This line of storms was moving East North East at around 65 mph. You can see all the tornado warning boxes in this image in pink! We did have a funnel cloud reported in the Lafayette, area near the Tippecanoe mall! Here is that report below.


The good news is there hasn't been any reports of a tornado ever touching down in or around the area as if now! Still as we all know, sometimes straight line winds can be just as bad! Here is a closer more local look at that hook on radar below.
I have many storm reports from this system straight out of the national weather service below. Take a look.

Funnel cloud reported in Lafayette, Indiana near the Tippecanoe Mall.

Penny sized hail reported in West Lafayette.

Hail 1.75" Inches in size reported by an ambulance driver at the intersection of Jackson and Wabash in Frankfort.

60 Mph winds reported in West Lafayette.

60 Mph winds reported in Deacon, In Cass, county.

65 Mph winds reported in Terre Haute. Trees down do to wind!
As the storms started to move into Tippecanoe, county this afternoon I seen this huge Shelf cloud in the Lafayette, area. I took this picture at 3:26pm EST near Beck Lane and old 231. I've never felt so small lol. It was an amazing sight! People seeing a shelf cloud may believe they have seen a wall cloud. This is a likely mistake, since an approaching shelf cloud appears to form a wall made of cloud. However one way to help you tell is, A shelf cloud usually appears on the leading edge of a storm, and a wall cloud will usually be at the rear of the storm.
A sharp, strong gust front will cause the lowest part of the leading edge of a shelf cloud to be ragged and lined with rising fractus clouds.
In a severe case there will be vortices along the edge, with twisting masses of scud that may reach to the ground or be accompanied by rising dust. A very low shelf cloud accompanied by these signs is the best indicator that a potentially violent wind squall is approaching.
As you can see above, The cold front is continuing to move off to our east however its not going to cool us off to much come the overnight hours. Take a look below.
This is a look at our temperatures as of 6:00pm this evening. 40s are whats behind this cold front. And our low tonight is only expected to fall to 47* degrees with a high of 63* tomorrow. We will see cooler weather return however not until tomorrow night and then Wednesday with 40s as high and the low 30s as our lows!

I'm very glad everyone stayed safe this afternoon! If you have any reports or pictures please feel free to share them with me.. You can do so here on JIWB. Or comment and upload pictures to our Facebook page!! Just click on our Facebook logo on the side bar!