Sunday, November 27, 2011

Soggy Start To The Week! Blustery Winds Moves In!

That's right, I'm calling for a Hot Cocoa Advisory to be in effect from tonight through Early Wednesday morning, I'm forecasting Cold rain showers over the next couple days. Highs will be in the lower 40s with lows dipping into the middle 30s and even some 20s!! Not to forget wind gusts to 30 mph possible as we head into Tuesday! Brrrrrrr Is right! So do as posted and get that cocoa ready to go!

So whats the cause of this rain? Take a look.
Above is a look at the surface chart at 7:pm earlier this evening. You can see the rain over the state that has been effecting us over the past two days. This is because of that low pressure system to our south that will continue to track north north west over the next few days. Below is another surface chart looking into 7:pm Monday.
You can see we will be keeping those rain chances in the forecast as that pressure system move even more northwest. 
Above we're looking into 7:am Tuesday. That low pressure system will be just off to our west tracking northwest. Rain chances will still be in the forecast. However as we head into the overnight hours of Tuesday into Wednesday we could start to see some of this rain mix with some snow as well. Any mixed precipitation would be after 10:pm Tuesday. However no snow accumulation expected this time around. Just a wet soggy mess.

You can see models showing some of that snow trying to mix into the rain as we head into late Tuesday night below.
(See the blue mixed in the green).

Quick Cast.

Monday we will look for more mostly cloudy skies across the area with scattered rain showers as that low pressure continues to track near the area. Expect a high around 45* degrees with a low that night around 36* degrees. Winds will be between 10 and 15 mph with a few gusts to 20 mph possible.

Tuesday we will again look for mostly cloudy skies with some more scattered showers likely. Some of those rain showers could start to mix with some snow as we head into the overnight hours. No accumulation this time! Expect a high around 43* degrees and a low cold in the lower 20s! Around 23* degrees. Winds will be blustery between 10 and 20 mph gusting to 30 mph possible!

Rainfall between Monday - Tuesday between 0.50" inches and 1.25" inches possible.
Our average high for this time of year is suppose to be around 50* degrees. We will be running a good 5* to 7* degrees below our average high this week into next! We will also be below our average low as well. Our average low for this time of year is around 32* degrees. We will see a few nights fall into the middle 20s this week!

Stay Warm! :) God Bless!

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