Sunday, September 23, 2012

Kicking Off Autumn The Right Way!

Well, yesterday was the perfect start to fall. Couldn't ask for a better day weather - wise or otherwise to kick off the Autumn season. We saw partly cloudy skies with cool crisp temperatures in the upper 50s all day. I recorded a low last night in the Lafayette, IN area of 46.4* degrees while the national weather service recorded a low last night from the Purdue airport of 35* degrees! Some patchy fog was reported in the areas that actually saw the temperature dip down into the 30s last night.
We headed out to Exploration Acres last night as my Autumn celebration, With a day as perfect as yesterday there was no way we could pass it up.
There were over 1000 people out at the maze last night, and as Halloween nears there will be even more! We enjoyed Hot cocoa, Elephant ears, and lots of jokes. It felt good to break out the hoodies lol.
Though we will see 70s again as our highs for much of next week I do see some cooler weather moving back into the area during the first week of October. Some models indicating the 540 line trying to dip down into the Midwest sometime during the first week of October. This is giving me the itch to start looking into our winter forecast here in the Midwest. With the drought we had all summer, What could it mean for our winter? This is something I will most likely try to work on over the next few weeks and have a post up real soon.
In the meantime..
Some more light patchy fog could be possible again tonight into early Monday morning as dew points will be around 34* degrees with air temperatures at 36* degrees during the overnight. So be careful as you head out in the A.M.
Otherwise today is looking like another great day.
Today expect highs around 61* degrees with sunny skies through out the day. Low tonight around 36* degrees with light winds between 5 and 10 mph. Chance again tonight for some more light patchy fog in areas as dew points will be at 34* degrees and temperatures tonight at 36* degrees. We do have a Frost Advisory in effect from 2:am Monday through 9:am Monday morning EDT. A frost advisory means that frost is possible, And that any outdoor plants left uncovered could be killed. I personally don't think most of us will see frost tonight however to be on the safe side as temperatures look to fall into the middle 30s I would still cover or bring in your plants.

Monday is looking like a good day for the most part. Highs around 67* degrees with a low that night around 51* degrees. Partly cloudy skies through out the day with winds between 10 and 15 mph. Winds will start to pick up a little gusting to 20 - 22mph as we head into Monday night, Some light scattered showers are possible Monday night into early Tuesday.

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