Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Firenado, Fire Tornado Caught On Film In Australia. A Crazy Phenomena!

A twister of fire was caught on tape in Australia just recently, This amazing phenomena has been called a Firenado. 100+ ft flames were being pulled into this dust devil like twister. Watch this video below. It is amazing!

How do fire tornado's form?
It needs to be extremely dry and usually in a drought stricken area for fire tornado's to form. It also needs to be windy and it doesn’t hurt if there are nearby wildfires. When a fire is formed it gets whipped by wind and forms a funnel or whirl like a tornado.
Brush fire flames pulled into this whipping air rising high turning this dust devil into a fire tornado is something I have never seen before. It looks like something out of this world. I couldn't imagine being there in person seeing it with my own eyes, Hearing the fire roar! Yes even on clear sky days weather can be scary.
The man who caught this fire tornado on tape says it lasted 40 minutes, It was like a dance of giants he said..

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