Friday, September 7, 2012

Scattered thunderstorms.

Sitting here tracking these scattered rain / thundershowers roll across the WLFI viewing area this afternoon. We are in a Severe thunderstorm watch currently which will remain in effect until 6:pm this evening EDT. Counties in the WLFI viewing area included are, Cass, Carroll, Clinton, Fountain, Tippecanoe, Warren, and Montgomery. Right now we haven't seen anything severe in the viewing area which is always good news. Just some scattered showers and a few rumbles here and there. Take a look at the current radar below.
You can see not much going on in the viewing area yet, However just to our west in the lower left side of this image you can see that red warning box. This is a severe thunderstorm warning in effect in the IL area. This warning has been issued because of doppler indecated heavy rain, Meadum sized hail (Quarter size possible, and gusty winds. This storm is moving east at around 40 mph. Counties in the WLFI viewing area that could see this storm would be Fountain, and Montgomery counties.
Update as of 3:14pm EDT

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