Monday, October 22, 2012

Autumn Fun Facts

Yesterday was a GREAT day weather - wise and otherwise! It was perfect weather for football. My girlfriend took me down to Indianapolis Sunday for the Colts game vs the Cleveland Browns. It was a nice cool 68* degrees and the stadium roof was open. I have never been to Lucas oil stadium before. Let me tell you it is AMAZING! And even better, the Colts won! It was a good close game. Here are a few pictures I took below.
The fireworks as the Indianapolis Colts ran into the stadium.
The humongous American flag that covered the entire football field while they sang the national anthem.
Me and my Sam getting ready for the game to kickoff. All decked out in our Indianapolis Colts gear! haha.
And of course the Colts winning the game with a score of 17 to 13. I think these two are my favorite pictures from the game yesterday. I have never seen so much blue in one place. I truly felt at home lol.
This is definitely something we'll have to do again sometime. Now as we look back into the weather world, lets see what we have in store. First off, have you seen the fall foliage lately? Its beautiful right now. All the trees are getting to that peak color time. I went out just the other day and snapped a few pictures and they turned out great. Take a look below.
A few fun weather facts I found searching the Internet to go along with the pictures. What happens to plants during autumn? Plants and or trees use sunlight to feel themselves. By creating nutrients. This helps them keep their green color during the summer months. As days get colder and days get shorter the plants stop producing these nutrients which is why the leaves start to change colors. Yellow and oranges sit under the green color year around, Reds and browns are from nutrients trapped inside the leaves.
One of the visible signs of fall is the changing color of the leaves. This happens because photosynthesis stops during this period so leaves do not stay green. Evergreen trees remain green through the winter because they have waxy leaves which do not allow them to freeze.
 While we call this season ‘fall’, the British call it ‘autumn’. Both words date from around the same period in the 16th century. Before these terms came into use, this period was called 'harvest'. I have used both Autumn and Fall in this post today. So now I'm curious which term you use! I have added a voting poll on the top right of this page. I will keep it up for around a week or so. Please click what term you use so we can fine out which is the more popular one.
As for your forecast. Lets take a look below.
TONIGHT- we can expect partly to mostly cloudy skies across the area. A few light scattered showers will try to move into the area. However rainfall will be around a tenth inch or less. Winds tonight around 10 and 15 mph maybe a few gusts near 20 mph at times. Low around 58* degrees.
TUESDAY- we will see a high around 77* degrees with mostly cloudy skies. Another chance for a few light scattered showers in the area. Rainfall around a tenth inch. Winds light between 10 and 15 mph. As we head into Tuesday night I look for mostly cloudy skies with a low around 56* degrees.
WEDNESDAY- we will start to clear out once again with partly cloudy skies over the area. A high around 79* degrees likely with a low Wednesday night around 57* degrees.
EXTENDED OUTLOOK- We could possibly see highs near that 80* degree mark between Wednesday and Thursday before our big cool down by this weekend. Friday we're watching another line of showers along a cold front to push through the area. As we look towards Friday night and into the weekend we will see lows around freezing once again.
Send me your weather pictures bloggers. Message them to me using the JIWB facebook page at!/pages/Justins-Indiana-Weather-Blog/194210110637780?fref=ts And also don't forget to vote on your favorite Autumn / Fall / Harvest term in the top right of this page! ;) Take care and God bless.