Sunday, October 7, 2012

Freeze Warnings In Effect, Coldest Night So Far!

A freeze warning is in effect for pretty much the whole state of Indiana. Yes tonight into Monday morning we could see some widespread patchy frost in the area. Tonight lows will fall into the low 30s around 31* degrees. Dew point will be at 33* degrees so with this widespread frost we could also see some patchy fog in areas. The real chilly autumn weather is trying to set in! So break out the hot cocoa and warm blankets. Tonight is gonna be a cold one!
Take a look at the week ahead temperatures below.
Our average high for this time of year is supposed to be around 66* degrees. So based on these forecasted temperatures above we are expected to be just slightly below average for the most part. Two degrees really isn't to bad. Our average low for this time of year is around 43* degrees. So we will be back and forth between below average and average lows over next week.
So again get out the extra blanket and stay warm tonight bloggers!
God bless and take care.

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Zion M. said...

Indeed this winter is going to be a cold one.