Thursday, October 18, 2012

Strong low pressure system looks like a hurricane on land!

The second half of this system has been moving through the area this evening and will continue to make its way through the midwest as we continue through Friday. It will be a wet and chilly day. Take a look at how amazing this system looks on satellite below.
This thing really does look like a hurricane on land with how strong the low pressure is spinning. I have been waiting to see this thing live ever sense I started forecasting it with the weather models. We have had some gusty winds with this system as forecasted. Take a look at the peak wind gusts from around the area yesterday. (10-17-12).
39mph peak wind gust in the Lafayette, area. 38mph wind gust in Indianapolis. 38mph gust in the Monticello, area. and 36mph gust coming out of Kokomo.

Here is another look at those final rainfall totals from around the area from yesterday as well. I will have new rainfall totals up from tonight's rain by tomorrow morning / early afternoon.
I'll check back soon.