Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Winter Weather Preparedness Week In Indiana

Its winter weather preparedness week in Indiana. The reason for this week is to get you familiar with all the weather terms, understand the watches, warnings, advisories, etc, To know how to be safe when traveling in any winter weather this year.
Travel tips from the national weather service and the Indiana police.
Before you go on any trips, plan ahead. Check the weather forecast, if you need to make some changes to allow extra time do to weather related issues, then do so. Anything to make a safer trip for you and others. Know what the watches and warnings mean. Always obey the posted road signs! Adjust speed according to weather conditions. Slick snowy, icy, wet, roads are a big threat! Allow enough room between other cars for extra stopping distance. The Indiana Department of Transportation reminds you to allow snow plow operators to do their job. If their salt is hitting your vehicle you are following too close. avoid passing snow plows on two line roads. Better yet, avoid passing them all together.
Meanings of the winter watches, warnings, etc from the national weather service.
Winter weather advisory -- When a significant winter storm or hazardous winter weather is occurring, imminent, and is an inconvenience.

Winter storm watch -- A significant winter weather (i.e., heavy snow, heavy sleet, significant freezing rain, or a combination of events) is expected, but not imminent, for the watch area; provides 12 to 36 hours notice of the possibility of severe winter weather.

Winter storm warning -- A significant winter storm or hazardous winter weather is occurring, imminent, or likely, and is a threat to life and property.

Blizzard warning -- Winds that are at least 35 mph or greater, blowing snow that will frequently reduce visibility to 1/4 mile or less for at least three hours, and dangerous wind chills are expected in the warning area.

Wind chill index -- The calculation of temperature that takes into consideration the effects of wind and temperature on the human body. This is not the actual air temperature, but what it feels like to the average person.

As for our weather today, we have a quick line of showers that will move through the area. And a brief warm up as we head closer to the weekend. Highs back in the 60s possible! I will have more details on this warm up coming soon. Until then have a great day bloggers.

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