Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Looking Ahead Into The Month Of January! Also JIWB Sweatshirts!!

I'm glad a lot of you took a liking to my post yesterday about the HAARP project! It is a very interesting topic. Really a matter of opinion, Some believe it can control our weather while others don't. One thing I know for

a fact is like Duane, said. "I am often skeptical of these kinds of theories. However. the extremes in weather patterns in recent years makes me think that something is going on!!!". This project has been going on sense 1990 and we sure have had some crazy weather between then and now.
Speaking of weird weather. Duane was also asking me about a possible active weather pattern for the month of January. Well, I do have a few things we will watch as we continue through this month.
Right now the NAO, and AO models are showing signs of being in a neutral phase over the first half of January at least. However I do see an increase in Alberta Clipper chances for our area. So a better chance of multiple smaller snows. Also I'm watching for another cold pattern to try and set back into the area as we head into the 14th and 16th of this month. So a lot to watch.
I feel like we haven't seen near enough snow this winter season. Take a look at the data from last month. December.
Indianapolis -0.59" Inches
Lafayette, +0.03" Inches
Bloomington, -1.11" Inches.

December 2012 was among the snowiest December of record for much of central and southern Indiana. With 14.8 inches of snowfall for December For portions of southern Indiana, this was the most snow since the historic snow of December 2004. Snowfall totals ranged from 6 to near 20 inches. Snowfall did not begin until the 20th, but when it did, the snow made up for lost time.
The big snow of the month occurred on 26th, when a strong winter storm approached blizzard conditions and dropped 4 to more than 12 inches of snow on much of central and southern Indiana. Wind gusts approached or exceeded 40 mph at the height of the snow. Snowfall totals were less for west central and northern Indiana and in portions of south central and southeast Indiana that received a combination of rain, sleet and snow.
Another snow storm quickly followed late on the 28th and early on the 29th. This system did not have strong winds, but portions of southern and central Indiana received 3 to 8 inches of snow. The last snow of the month fell on New Year’s Eve as much of central Indiana received 1 to 3 inches

Tonight I'm calling for partly cloudy skies across the area with a low around 30* degrees. Winds light between 10 and 15 mph.
Wednesday we will see mostly clear to partly cloudy skies with a high around 43* degrees. The start of a brief warm up. A low Wednesday night around 28* degrees with winds between 5 and 10 mph.
As we head into Thursday that's when we will be tracking our next system in the area. Falling in the form of rain this time around as highs will be in the middle 40s around 46* degrees. Low Thursday night around 45* degrees. At this time rain showers could continue into early Friday giving way to a final rainfall total near one inch.
And last but not least! Over Christmas my girlfriend went onto www.Cafepress.com and made me a JIWB weather hoodie! You can see it in the images below.

It's a really nice and really warm sweatshirt!

Have a great day bloggers! Take care and God Bless!

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