Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wind Chills Of -2* Degrees!

Feels like I haven't blogged in forever as this flu has been keeping me down. I'm still fighting it however winning the battle! Everyday I get more energy back and continue my climb back to a healthy me. I hope none of you have had to go through this nasty flu that's been going around.
Anyways enough about that, lets get talking about the weather. Its what you all came here from in the first place. Right now we have a more quite pattern setting up for the rest of this week with calm skies. Here's a quick two day break down below.
Today we will see mostly sonny skies through out the day, it will be COLD! Highs only reaching 30* degrees if we're lucky, Even colder tonight with a low of 17* degrees. Winds will be between 10 and 15 mph so wind chills will be something to watch.
Friday we will see much of the same with mostly sonny skies across the area. Highs will again be cold in the upper 20s with a low Friday night around 17* degrees. We will again be watching the wind chills as winds will be between 10 and 15 mph gusting to 20 mph at times.
Looking at the wind chill values for tonight you can see I'm expecting them to feel like 0* degrees! Even colder wind chills tomorrow night with winds gusting to 20 mph. It will feel like 0* to -2* degrees. Bundle up bloggers, Hats! Coats! Gloves! ETC!!!
Here's what we have to watch weather - wise over the next few days / week.
Clear skies over the next two days, We do have a shot at some scattered snow showers across the area as we move closer to the weekend, again nothing set in stone, it would just be a few flurries / snow showers. And we're looking for a brief warm up as we head into next week when 40s make a move on us.
I'm going to take a look into how much snow we've already seen this winter along with a few other weather records and then I'll be back here. Have a great day bloggers.