Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sundogs In The Sky!

Sundogs!! First picture I have seen of them this year. How many do you see??
This picture was taken February 9, 2013 from Jukkasjarvi, Sweden. Sundogs are caused when sunlight shines through either ice crystals, snow crystals, or tiny dust particles in the air. In this case it was most likely caused by snow crystals being kicked up into the air by sled dogs feet or snowmobiles. Whichever it is one thing is for sure, It's always a sight to see!
we have another system we are tracking in the Indiana area by tomorrow. Nothing big or snowy at this time. You can see in this model image above. rain with a slight chance of a few stray flurries try to move in by tomorrow morning / early noon hours. currently this low pressure system looks to be tracking far enough south that we shouldn't have to worry about any precipitation this time around. partly cloudy skies through out most of the day tomorrow.
Highs for Wednesday will be in the upper 40s. Around 46* degrees. A low Wednesday night around 31* degrees. As for valentines day I'm looking for a mix of sun and clouds through out the day. Dry and breezy with winds between 20 and 25 mph gusting to 28 mph at times. High mild around 47* degrees with a low that night around 25* degrees.
I will have a more detailed valentines day forecast up for you all real soon. Have a great day.

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