Monday, March 25, 2013

Update as of 1:45am EDT.

We're starting to pull in a little bit of dry air as we continue through the night. The heavier snow bands are really starting to push off to our east as snow flurries / light snow continues to push through our area. We do still have a somewhat heavy band south of Tippecanoe county between Tippecanoe, and Marion, county. (Lafayette, and Indianapolis,).
Snowfall totals as of 1:45am EDT.
Lafayette, 6.2" inches with 9" + inch snow drifts!
Southern Tippecanoe county closer to crawfordsville, picking up 7.2" inches.
Hamilton, 6.3" inches.
Marion, 6.2" inches.
I think this is pretty much how the snowfall totals will end up as I'm just looking for light snow / snow flurries as we head into the morning / early afternoon hours of Monday.
Roads are still very slick and very snow covered. Crews are doing their very best to get them clear by morning. So if you don't have to head out early tomorrow then it would be best to stay home. A few people that headed out tonight headed out in jeeps!
Something that could really get a grip when out in this messy storm!
Here is what things looked like in the Lafayette, area as of 1:30AM.
A winter wonderland indeed. I will have a final snowfall total for you all later on today with the final amounts from around the area. It's looking like most of us will pick up what was expected however snow drifts are going to be MUCH deeper! I wouldn't be surprised to see drifts over two and three feet deep by daylight in areas!
Have a great night bloggers. Stay safe and God Bless!