Saturday, September 27, 2008

Back from the Feast!

Back from the Feast of the hunters moon and a good day it was! there was some really great jugglers there great food and family! The weather was great as well and it's not over yet there is still tomorrow to go!!!!! If you did not make it out there today then you might want to go tomorrow the food is a good reason to go LOL..... :) Here is a picture of the jugglers below they were good!!

They were balancing on that wood you see and was juggling sticks lit on fire! you can't see the fire to well in the picture but it is there KIDS DON'T TRY THAT AT HOME!!!!! :-) REALLY! It was a great day I for one love the Buffalo burgers YUM :-) lol! They are the best in my book! all the food is good. The Feast opens tomorrow at 9:00am and let me tell you if you want to miss traffic then you might want to get there early! We pulled out later that afternoon and it was lined WOW was it lined! But it was fun!

Everyone have a great day and a great time at the Feast! :-) Enjoy your weekend..........

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Anonymous said...

Yes I seen them they were good!